Make Your Apartment Residents Feel Comfortable with the Armed Security Guards You’re Hiring

30 May 2017
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The visibility of armed guards patrolling your apartment community can effectively discourage criminal behavior of all kinds, but the prospect may make some residents feel uncomfortable for a number of reasons, even if they do understand the benefits of such a service overall. Perhaps the presence of your hired guards makes some feel like there has been a rise in crime throughout the neighborhood lately, while others may simply feel like they've lost some control over how their apartment community functions. Read More 

Small Business Loss Prevention: The Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Retail Shop

11 August 2014
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Collectively, retail businesses in the U.S. lose approximately $13 billion each year due to theft. If you own a small, neighborhood shop, shoplifting can be devastating to your business if you do not take measures to prevent five-finger specialists from robbing you blind. In addition, if you raise prices to help cover the costs of theft, you may lose customers. If your loss prevention efforts are not working to deter thieves, there are a number of reasons why you should consider security guard services. Read More