Small Business Loss Prevention: The Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Retail Shop

11 August 2014
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Collectively, retail businesses in the U.S. lose approximately $13 billion each year due to theft. If you own a small, neighborhood shop, shoplifting can be devastating to your business if you do not take measures to prevent five-finger specialists from robbing you blind. In addition, if you raise prices to help cover the costs of theft, you may lose customers. If your loss prevention efforts are not working to deter thieves, there are a number of reasons why you should consider security guard services.

Gain Peace of Mind

If you are like many small business owners that run retail shops, your store is like a second home. You want to feel safe and secure in your place of business.

In addition, it is important that your employees feel protected when they are working. Relaxed and happy employees will be more productive and friendly to customers. The presence of a security officer will make employees feel as if they do not have to constantly scrutinize the store for signs of shoplifting or eye innocent customers with suspicion.

Even if you live in a low-risk crime area, you still want to make sure that you can effectively handle unruly visitors or customers that make a scene when they are unsatisfied.

However, no matter the location of your store, you will have to contend with losses due to theft since 1 in 11 people shoplift according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention.

Prevent Employee Theft

Unfortunately, your employees may be stealing from you as well. Retail firms caught over 71,000 employees stealing in 2012. These internal thieves stole nearly $190 million in merchandise.

Employees steal for various reasons. Some are angry with companies because they feel they are underappreciated. Others want to take out revenge on their employer when they do not receive a promotion or raise they requested. In addition, organized rings of internal thieves resell goods they take from employers.

Regardless of the reason an employee steals, if you have a security guard patrolling your business, employees will not have unfettered access to your inventory when you are not around. Security firms provide personnel that are trained to look for signs of employee theft.

Provide an Immediate Response to Crime

When you notice someone stealing in your store, you may panic and not know what to do. In addition, if a thief is armed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, attempting to stop them from stealing could turn into a dangerous situation for you, your employees and other customers. If you have a trained security guard at your place of business, you will not have to put yourself in danger when dealing with a belligerent thief.

Furthermore, security firms are required by state law to hire personnel with clean criminal records and train them in the use of crime prevention devices such as stun guns, sprays, night sticks and clubs.

In addition, armed security guards are often ex-police officers and former military personnel who have extensive experience handling hostile individuals.

Receive Training on Security Measures

In addition to providing businesses with on-site security guards, some security firms also provide training and guidance on other ways to secure your business. Additional services of security companies include:

  • Providing an overall security assessment of your business
  • Training employees in loss prevention measures
  • Helping you implement crime prevention measures with neighboring businesses
  • Assisting in screening new employees

While investing in a security guard may not have been a part of your initial business plan when you opened your retail shop, it can lead to a decrease in lost profits due to theft. Thieves will think twice about targeting your store because they notice the presence of security personnel.