Surveillance Equipment Placement For Your Property

23 March 2023
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Before you purchase surveillance cameras and accessories, perform an inspection of your property. The following suggestions will provide you with an idea of where you may want to install the security equipment that you ultimately purchase. 

The Ground Floor

By performing an inspection of your property, you will be able to pinpoint how many cameras you will need to effectively monitor the premises. The ground floor of your home is the main area to place your focus on.

The entryways to your home should be equipped with surveillance coverage. Windows that are low enough for an intruder to climb through should also have equipment installed over them.

If the overhangs that cover doors and windows are narrow in width and length, the camera equipment that you eventually purchase should have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures and precipitation. High-quality cameras are equipped to be installed outdoors every season of the year. These types of cameras include small models that can be hidden and moderately-sized models that can be installed in plain sight.

Separate Buildings And Property

If you have separate buildings on your property, such as a workshop or shed, assess the items that are stored inside of them. If some high-ticket items are stored in the structures, equipping them with cameras will be beneficial. Again, focus on the entryways and windows to these structures. A small building may only require one camera, but a larger one may be better equipped with multiple cameras. 

If your yard is large, consider installing all-weather surveillance equipment in a central location. Protecting your property will guarantee that you are notified if anyone is trespassing and attempting to make their way to your house.

Locations Where Valuables Are Stored

Although the bottom floor of your home will be the one that an intruder will likely target first, the second floor of your home could also become a target. If there are many times when you are not at home for a considerable amount of time, you are leaving your home susceptible to being ransacked in entirety.

Assess the locations where you store valuables. If you have an upstairs office or another room where pricey items are stored, this area should be equipped with a surveillance camera.

The Purchase And The Installation

Once you have completed the assessment, shop around for camera equipment. Hire a professional to install the equipment in all of the areas that you have outlined during your inspection.

Contact a local residential surveillance system installation service to learn more.