5 Ways Security Guards Make Your Parking Lot Better

31 July 2020
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A large parking lot — or worse, multiple lots — can be a safety and security challenge. A lot can happen in your parking lots, and they may put at risk not only the safety of users but also your company's finances. What can you do to make them safer? One simple answer may be to add a security guard. How does a security guard improve parking areas? Here are five diverse and important benefits. 

1. Security Guards Patrol for Trouble

Security guards generally perform regular patrols to check for trouble. In a parking lot patrol, he or she will check gates and entry points, test locks, check for holes in security, look for indications of trespassers, investigate signs of trouble, and keep an eye on cars and pedestrians. All this means your guard works proactively to keep everything in good order even if you can't normally see it. 

2. Security Guards Walk Pedestrians Out

If anyone has a particular concern, the security guard can physically walk customers and employees to or from their cars. This gives everyone — the individuals as well as your company as a whole — confidence that people are safe when they come and go from your business. It can be a one-time need or even a recurring service in more serious situations. 

3. Security Guards Help Out Drivers

Not all parking lot issues are security, of course. An officer responds to many different types of emergencies and potential emergencies for lot users. They may provide a jump start for dead batteries, help a driver get out safely in winter weather, or call for emergency roadside assistance. And if there is an accident in the parking lot, the guard is trained to provide professional assistance to drivers, victims, and law enforcement. 

4. Security Guards Protect Entries

A guard station helps prevent trouble from entering your company property by securing the front gates. Unlike an automated or camera-based system, a live individual not only abides by your standard security procedures but also uses their own experience to observe people and identify potential trouble.

5. Security Guards Are a Point of Contact

When a parking lot user sees a uniformed security guard, they know this is a person whom they can approach safely. Whether it's a customer who needs directions or an employee who has a sensitive concern about a workmate, people appreciate having someone they immediately identify as a company employee in a trusted position. They are more likely to open up with worries you may never hear about otherwise. 

Could your company use any of these benefits of having security staff in your parking lots? If so, get started today by making an appointment with a security guard company in your area.