3 Tips For Hiring Armed Security Officers

30 June 2018
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If your business has a need for armed security officers, you want to make sure that you hire high-quality and effective security officers that know what they are doing.

#1 Make Sure the Contract Includes Training

When you hire a security company to provide you with an armed security officer, you need to look over the contract in detail. You want to make sure that any security firm you hire requires regular training and refresher courses. Being an armed guard requires training and practice so that one knows how to respond correctly in defensive situations and so that your guards know how to properly defuse situations as they arise. It takes training to know how to respond correctly. This will help ensure that you have the right quality of workers, so look at that contract carefully. A contract that demands training and accountability will help ensure that no only do you have trained guards, you have guards that know what they are doing.

#2 Know You Have to Pay for Quality

It is important to realize that you have to pay for quality. If you want high quality guards that know how to defuse situations while always putting your safety first, you need to be willing to pay for it.

If you want highly-trained security guards working for, you need to be willing to pay them a decent wage. There is competition for highly-trained security guards, and there is a limited supply of individuals with high-quality training, which is why if you need to be willing to pay for that training. If you are not willing to pay a decent wage, you'll find that you lose your security guards with more training to companies that are willing to pay more. If you want low wages, expect to attract new security guards who have minimal training and experience.

#3 Watch Your Security Guards

If you want the best service possible, you need to actively engage with your security guards. That means you need to go out and watch your security guards when they are on duty. See how they patrol the area. Watch how they interact with other employees and customers. Get a real idea about their routine.

Then, consult with the supervisor about any adjustments that you noticed that would fit better with your company goals. Don't approach individual security guards, but work with their supervisor to make systematic changes that will improve the overall security and protection that you get from your security guards. Build a partnership where continued improvement is always on the menu.