3 Guidelines For Cyber Security

27 June 2017
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If you run a business and need to be certain that you are able to communicate freely online, it is essential that you get your cyber security issues under control. By taking the time to handle your cyber security, you will be in a favorable position to prevent threats against your data, intellectual property, and ability to conduct business. To make the most out of this and keep your cyber security at its absolute best, read below and apply the following tips. 

Take inventory of your current cyber security measures

Before making a great deal of changes, it is essential that you look into your current security measures. As a company, this can be the difference between maintaining the trust of your customer base and leaving all of their private information exposed. In a study assessing the cyber security practices of the banking industry, 95% of financial institutions handle regular security assessments, though less than 40% of these institutions have sophisticated data encryption for third-party communications. By shoring up your liabilities, you will have a much better opportunity to keep your cyber security measures working favorably for your company. By knowing where to begin, it will be much easier for you to handle your cyber security measures on your terms.

Register and keep tabs on all company devices

Your best bet when trying to get your cyber security under control is to manage the use of all of your devices. Register them and make sure that you keep data logs of all serial numbers and other important identifying information. Make sure that you have shelves, drawers and other places where people can store these devices and lock them up for safekeeping. This is more than a matter of property damage or theft — today's devices store countless amounts of personal data.

Hire a cyber security company

Finally, it is essential that you bring in a cyber security company if you really want to take these measures to another level. Do business with cyber security practitioners who have been proven within your industry. They can set you up with an audit which will take inventory of your entire workflow and provide you with custom cyber security measures, for the betterment of your company. It is best to pay for these companies services upfront, rather than footing the substantial bill of between $10,000 per hour and $100,000 per hour on remediating cyber threats. Look for a company experienced in DFS cyber regulation for more thorough security.

Take advantage of these tips to get your cyber security under control.