Correcting Some Notions About Vehicle Lockout Services

7 May 2017
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When a person finds that they are locked out of their vehicle, it can be a very disruptive and stressful problem to face. Luckily, there are lockout services that will be able to get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible. While these services can be extremely useful, people are often misinformed about them, and this can make it easy for individuals to have the wrong ideas about what to expect from using lockout services.

Myth: Lockout Services Are Only For Those That Leave Their Keys In The Vehicle

It is often assumed that a person would only need a lockout service in the event that they locked their keys in their vehicle. This may be one of the more common reasons for needing these services, but it is far from the only one. Your car locks are surprisingly complicated devices, and it can be fairly easy for some components in them to come loose, warp, or snap. When this occurs, the lock will be unlikely to function. Luckily, it is still possible for lockout services to get you in the car as they may be able to directly release the latch that is holding the door closed.

Myth: Standard Auto Insurance Will Pay For Lockout Assistance Services

The need for a lockout service can be something that individuals may not have expected to require. While they may assume that their auto insurance will pay for these services, this is usually not the case unless the person has comprehensive coverage. For those that do not have this type of auto insurance, it can be possible to avoid the need to pay for these services through enrolling in a roadside assistance program. Under these programs, you will likely be able to have at least a couple of lockout service visits coverage, but you should closely read the contract to verify the availability of using lockout services as well as the requirements for these claims being honored.

Myth: Lockout Services Will Be Highly Damaging To Your Vehicle

A car can be one of the most expensive devices that a person owns, and it can be easy to understand why someone would be protective of their vehicles. Sadly, it is often assumed that a lockout service will cause major damage to a vehicle. Often, car owners assume that the tools used to release the lock will damage its internal components. Yet, a trained lockout technician will be able to gently release the lock without causing damage or excessive wear to your vehicle.

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