Duties That You'll Perform While Working Security At A Bar

27 April 2017
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One of the benefits of getting trained as a security guard or working for a place that hires out security guards, such as Axios Security Consultants, is that you can work in a variety of different environments. This list can include retail security, residential security, and more. One opportunity that you might pursue is working security at a bar. In this role, which will often begin around dinnertime and run until the establishment closes, you'll be relied upon to maintain order and ensure that the bar patrons enjoy their visit. In order to accomplish this goal, your job will entail performing a broad range of duties. Here are some things that you can expect to do in this role.

Controlling Access At The Door

Bars use security officers to control access at the door, which is a highly important duty for multiple reasons. Security officers are tasked with ensuring that everyone who enters the establishment is of legal age. To this end, you'll often stand with a flashlight and carefully check IDs before admitting people. Additionally, you'll also control the number of people in the bar to ensure that the fire code is respected. For example, if only 300 people are permitted in the establishment at a time, you'll be responsible for tracking people as they leave, and then allowing the correct number of people inside.

Removing Intoxicated Patrons

While a large percentage of those who visit the bar will drink responsibly, others will overindulge. This can be problematic for multiple reasons. For example, intoxicated patrons may become aggressive or simply too loud, thus hindering the enjoyment of those around them. As a security officer, you'll be tasked with removing such individuals from the establishment. The approach that you take can vary according to how the person responds. For some people, you'll simply need to walk with them as they leave — for others, you'll have to physically remove them.

Breaking Up Confrontations

Security officers on duty at a bar will also be called upon to break up confrontations. Occasionally, patrons might engage in verbal or physical disputes — for example, someone may bump into someone else on the dance floor, leading to an argument. For order to be maintained, security personnel will separate the involved parties and potentially escort some out of the bar. In some cases, you'll also need to detain someone who has committed a crime, such as assault, as you wait for the police to arrive. In this scenario, you'll need to provide as much detail about the incident as you can for the officer to compile a report.