How Security Guards Can Prevent School Violence

24 April 2017
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Many parents drop their children off to school and expect the school to provide a safe environment. However, schools are not safe anymore. You have to worry about stealing, sexual assaults, bullying, and school shootings.

If a child feels threatened, then it becomes hard for him or her to learn. For these reasons, schools must take measures to ensure students' safety. Read on to find out how armed security guards can prevent school violence.

Keep Alert Vigilance

Security guards can keep alert vigilance over the school. They are in a constant state of watching for potential threats or dangers. The school will have guards set up around different areas of the campus. These guards are always on alert, waiting for something to happen and watching for intruders. The presence of security guards will also deter bullying and other forms of fighting.

Can Administer First Aid

Children are prone to have accidents. They can slip or fall at school. School administration members are not always around when these incidents occur. If a security guard is watching, then he will notice that a student needs help and can administer first aid. A security guard can also alert the ambulance or police of this incident.

Provide Support For Teachers

Teachers often observe the violence that goes on in school. They see the arguments, name calling, horse playing and fighting. Unfortunately, some teachers do not know how to react in these situations or do not have the confidence. With security, teachers can inform the guards and they can handle the incident.

Perform Security Screening

The presence of security guards allows for security screening. They can screen people coming into the entrance. This approach prevents guns and other illegal items from getting into the school. It also prevents strangers from just wandering on campus.

Can Monitor Security Devices

Many schools have security alarms and CCTV cameras installed. You need someone to monitor these devices. The person should also be knowledgeable about how to use security equipment. If you get someone without experience to handle your security devices, then things can go wrong. You can lose video that could help solve an incident that occurs at the school.

Attending school prepares children for the real world. You want your child to enjoy learning, to build confidence and learn how to socialize. However, a toxic environment can make it hard for children to accomplish these things. The school system also has a responsibility to protect the students when in their care. For more information, visit websites like