Your Guide To Adding Video Verification To Your Existing Home Security System

27 February 2017
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If you are concerned about the safety of your home and family, the security system you have in place is likely to reflect those concerns. One of the newer options for home security is video verification, which permits homeowners to get visual confirmation of a situation that was responsible for initiating the alarm. Therefore, less time is wasted when an actual crime is taking place and security measures are not wasted if the security system activated without cause. Therefore, if you are unsure as to whether or not the security system you currently have is sufficient for your needs, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information about video verification

Understanding Video Verification

In the same way that it is often possible to watch video recordings in real-time of what your children are doing at daycare or how well your dog is getting along with other animals at the grooming facility, the security company with whom you are working be able to access video clips of specific events that have occurred at home with the use of video verification. Since the alarm you already have will continue to function as it is set to, authorized security experts will be given almost instant access to the triggering event.

In some instances, you can even elect to have the recordings sent to your smartphone or computer. As recently as 2012, it was estimated that one out of every twelve calls to fire departments was a false alarm and in 2008, up to one out every four calls to the police department was similarly unnecessary. Therefore, improving the accuracy of your own security system and minimizing inaccurate reports of its issues is an enormous and important aspect of your plan.

The Benefits Of Adding Video Verification To Your Existing System

Therefore, if the alarm is set to a particularly stringent setting because of your security concerns and it alerts your security experts of a problem, they can immediately determine how severe the problem is. The video verification is proof that a crime is in progress at your residence or it can also be evidence of the aggressive squirrels and high winds your home is prone to.

Regardless, you can rest well know that adequate protection is available and that it is longer necessary to wait for security guards to arrive at your home to determine whether or not a problem has occurred. In addition, if your home was the intended victim of a crime, the video recordings of the illegal activity can often be used to help prosecute the people responsible for the illegal activity.

In conclusion, video verification can be an important and helpful addition to the sophisticated security system your home already has. As a result, it will behoove to consider the facts discussed above when you are determining whether or not your existing security system can benefit from being augmented with video verification.