Evaluating Your Need For Armed Security At Your Event

27 February 2017
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Armed security isn't always a necessity. However, there are many events where having an armed security presence can do a lot of good for you. If you're unsure as to whether you should have armed security or not, consider the following scenarios.

Will You Have Large Amounts of Cash on Hand?

If your event includes people handling cash out in the open or in a single location, then you may want an armed deterrent. Negative elements have an attraction to places where they know cash will circulate.

Such events indicate there's a makeshift, likely easily accessible place these negative elements can infiltrate. It also means people attending the event will also have cash on them as well. Just the presence of an armed security guard can make those negative elements think twice about attempting anything.

Will Your Event Occur in a High Crime Area?

Holding an event in an area prone to high crime rates could necessitate the need for armed security. The armed guard can help people feel safe while they're at the event. In fact, just knowing there's an armed presence may help to fill seats or otherwise get people to your event to begin with.

Will Your Event Have Well-Known Attendants

There's a reason why celebrities and other well-known individuals like to have armed security when they're out and about. If your event will host well-known individuals, then armed security may put them at ease about attending it. They will feel more comfortable and secure knowing you put professional armed security personnel on the job.

Will Your Event Feature Valuable or Priceless Items?

Much like handling cash, having anything of high value at your event can attract people with ill intentions. It's also possible to lower potential liability with insured assets if there's an armed guard present.

Was There a Threat of Some Sort Leading Up To Your Event?

Sometimes a threat can prevent an event from taking place altogether. Armed security officer services can give you the confidence to continue with your event as planned. If a security threat, or a threat of violence, should occur, then hiring armed security can put you at ease.

Remember, an armed security guard is more than just a trained professional with a gun. It's a person who can help at your event by reducing the possibility of violence and your own liability for negative activities which may occur.

Armed security can serve as auxiliary to your other security measures. Your armed guard or guards don't even need to have their weapons on display. So you can hire armed security who gives you peace of mind if you don't want to alarm everyone else at your event.